About Dan

Dan is a data scientist and adventurer with a love for problem solving, creativity, collaboration, and persistence. Born in Concord, New Hampshire, Dan  grew up with a love for science, math, and the outdoors. After completing his bachelor of science degree with a concentration in biochemistry and minor in business at Cornell University,  Dan was an orthopedic junior research specialist at the University of California at Davis Medical Center  in Sacramento, CA before moving on to complete a masters in physiology and biophysics at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C..

After graduating, Dan founded the New Hampshire Med Bank, New Hampshire’s only charitable pharmacy that collects unused, unexpired medications and dispenses them to low income NH patients who cannot afford their medications. Over $300,000 worth of medications which would have otherwise been incinerated were placed in the hands of patients because of the team of pharmacists and technicians that Dan coordinated and led.

After 4 years of leading the New Hampshire Med Bank along with other healthcare projects in the state, Dan made a drastic long term career decision. While working in medical research and non-profit healthcare over the years, Dan’s ultimate goal was to pursue medicine and he was accepted to Tulane University School of Medicine class of 2020 in 2016. Despite his admiration for the Tulane program,  Dan’s experience within healthcare made him realize that his motivations were no longer aligned and committed to the great path of medicine. It was a difficult decision after so much work but his calling changed.

Dan felt called to the opportunities within data science and analytics. Dan completed his second masters degree in data science and analytics at the University of New Hampshire in May 2018 and was the recipient of the Dinesh Thakur Health Scholar at the University of New Hampshire for his distinguished academic excellence (4.0 GPA) and leadership. Dan was a teaching assistant for the healthcare policy undergraduate analytics course.

Upon graduating, Dan started Concord Analytics, LLC, a data science consulting firm where he works today providing clients with tailored solutions and support with understanding, managing, and leveraging there data. With a particular focus on developing or leveraging performance metrics, Dan has created solutions for dozens of clients across the healthcare, energy, and educational sectors.

In his other life, also called his slacklife, Dan is a seasoned slackliner, paraglider, rock climber and adventurer. Dan’s passion for slacklining began on a small slackline in a local climbing gym in 2013. Since then, Dan has vigorously pursued slacklining. He was an ambassador athlete for SlackTech from 2015 to 2017, a leading slackline equipment company in the U.S. and is currently the President of the Board of Directors for Slackline U.S., the leading U.S. Slackline organization which works nationally to improve access, knowledge, and conservation efforts for slackliners. Dan is also a member of the Advisory Board for the International Slackline Association (ISA) where he focuses on member recruitment, relations, and benefits for the national organizations from all over the world that join the ISA. He is also the U.S. Representative to the ISA. Finally, Dan is the Lead Event Organizer for the world’s largest highline gathering, GGBY Highline Gathering, since 2017. He established America’s first publicly accessible urban highline in 2018 at Market Days, a three day outdoor street festival, in Concord, New Hampshire, USA where individuals with no slacklining experience could try crossing a highline with aided support. Dan’s work has been featured by the BBC, GoPro, and has consulted for various organizations throughout the world on the sport.

Dan is an industrious worker with a love for fun and adventure. He enjoys networking and seeks out new opportunities for collaboration in data science or adventure projects. He can be reached at dwalsh@concordanalyticsllc.com for Data Science/Analytics consulting or dan@slackline.us for Slackline/Adventure related projects.