What is the slacklife?

Many have no clue what slacklining is yet alone the slacklife is. It’s not a religion or ideology that claims moral superiority. It has many meanings and interpretations so I will give you my interpretation of it. But first, I will credit Andy Lewis and the many pioneers of slacklining who crafted the slacklife. It has been a transformative philosophy and way of life for me and I really want to share it with the world. I can only give my interpretation though but I think you may benefit from such a frame of view.

Slacklining is a practice of balance and for me it is a metaphor for living: playing to achieve better balance in the moment. The slacklife expands this concept from playing and achieving balance on the line to achieving balance in your life. None of us has perfect balance and perfect is anti-slacklife in my opinion. I don’t strive for perfection. I strive for betterment while balancing the values that are important to me: career, family, friends, my well-being, and physical activity and connectivity with nature.